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Simple Future ( will + verb)

Be going to Future ( am/is/are+going to + verb)
future continous  (will be+verb+ ing)
present continous as future (subject+ verb ing + time expression)
simpre present as future ( verb simple + time expression)
Future perfedct: will/ be ging to have+ past participle 
Future perfect continous: will be going to have been + verb ing 

arise arose arisen  
be was been 
become became become 
cling clung clung 
creep crep crept 
dig dug dug 
dive dove dived
flee fled fled 
forbid forbade forbidde
forgive forgave forgiven
  hide hide hidden
lend lent lent
ride rode ridden
ring rang rung
seek sought sought
shine shone shone 
spped sped sped
spin spun spun
stand stood stood
swear swore sworn
tear tore torn
wear wore worn 
weave wove woven
wind wpund wound 
weep wept wept 

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