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PAST SIMP ACT. +S+V(-ed/d)/2ªcol -S+Didnt+V.INF ?Did+S+V.INF?

PAST SIMP PAS.  Was/Were+V(-ed/d)/3ºcol -Was/Were Not +V(-ed/d)/3ºcol.
FUT. SIM. (predic.Generales, espontaneo) s+will+inf
PRES. CONT (tomorrow, next year..Etc) s+am/is/are+v-ing
CONDIT 1 condiciones con mucha posibilidad) IF+PRES.SIM + WILL ( s+v(-es/s) dont +will
MODAL VERBS: OBLIGACION must (debo) have to ( tengo que) 
PERMISO be allowed to( autoriz) can( puedo)
PROHIBICION not be allowed to ( no autoriz) mustnt ( no debo) cant,cannot( no puedo) dont have to (no tengo que)
TIME EXPRE: ago, in 190..,for ..Years, the following year, from..To..
the same year..., one week before...

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