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Angel a messenger from God, or a very good person

Bad - tempered often cross and angry

Bury (past tense buried) yo put a person or thing in the ground

Confused the child of your uncle or aunt

Cousin the child of your uncle or aunt

Dialect a different way of speaking the same lenguage in a different part of the country (e.G. Yorkshire)

Disagreeable not pleasing; bad - tempered

Furious very angry

Handsome good - loking /usually for a boy or man)

Hop (past tense Happed) to jump on one foot

Horrid bad, terrible, not at all nice

Magic something strange that can wake wonderful, unusual things happen

Shocked very surprised (by something unpleasant)

Skip (past tense Skipped) to jump again and again over a rope that you are swingin

Stare to look at someone or something for a long time

Tears drops of water that come from your eyes when you cry

Ugly not beautiful

Wander to walk slowly with no special plan

Whisper to speak very softly adn quietly

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