What is the time of the pet

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Phrasal Verbs: Bring up, Grow up, Hold up, Pick up Meet up, Put up, Queue up, give up, stick up for, Trip up,Sign up, Come up with, Fold up, Wind up, Do up, Dress up/chill out, find out, turn out, work out, Run out of, Bring out, Figure out, Get out of, Grow out of, Try out/ Break Down, Get in, See off(despedir), Set off., Hand in, Pick on, Catch on, Go on, Join in, Take part in, Plug in, Look after, Try on(probar).
Prepositions: By Email, Compared to, For the first time, Get in touch with, Introduce(smt)to, The same as, The worst thing about(smt), Borrow(smt) from, Lend(smt) to, Pay by, Pay for, Spend(smt)on, Waste(smt)on, Apart from, Aware of, Dress up as, known as, make a contribution to, upload(smy) onto. Believe in, Blame(smt)for, disagree with, laugh at, mistake(smt)for, rely on, punissh(smo)for. Acuse(smo)of, care about, depend on, confide in(smo),result in, find out about, interfere in, treat(smo)like, tease(smo)about, Bored of, Anxious about, Guilty about, mean to, jealous of, interested in, pleased with, proud of, pay attention to.
Adjectives: Ambitious, Brave, Cautious, Energetic, Generous, Honest, Loyal, Mean, Modest, Moody, Naughty, Outgoing, Polite, Romantic, Sensible, Common, essential, historic, modern, optional, unforgettable, BENDY, bouncy(hinchable) Fizzy(gaseoso), Shiny(brillante), sticky(pegajoso), stretchy, Ancient, Enormous, Fabulous, Filthy(seboso), gorgeous, hideous, spotless, tiny(diminuto). Baggy, checked, cotton, denim, fleece, glamorous, leather, plain, silk, spotty, stripy, tight, trendy, woollen. ASTONISHED(asombrado), baking, delighted, exhausted, freezing, furious, miserable, soaking, starving, terrified, active, addictive, competitive, affective, interactive, massive, passive

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