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The “Playa Club” is a restaurant located in a small city between two beaches and near a promenade. It is the favorite place of people who surf and like Rock music. It is also near the City Centre.

As you enter the place, the first thing you see is the sea.  The decoration is modern, mixed with musical instruments. Sitting at any table, you have a wonderful view of the kitchen, where you can see the chefs at work. For those who do not reserve a table and are waiting, there is a cozy lounge with armchairs and pictures of people surfing. The restaurant has a quiet and pleasant atmosphere.

The menu offers a variety of delicious entrées. I had octopus with potatoes, while my friend had the grilled calamari. They were exquisite. The main course consisted of a scallop risotto cooked in cream with mussels. We drank white wine. We had a delicious apple pie served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for dessert.

All the products were fresh and the dishes were homemade. The chefs are very careful when selecting the best quality ingredients. The restaurant also serves all tastes and offers a wide selection of the best wines of the region.

The restaurant was very clean. The service was very attentive and pleasant. The price of the food was fine, I had a nice culinary experience with the food. For this reason, I recommend going to the restaurant "Playa Club".

Dear Ms Wilson,

I´m writing in reference to your advertisement. 

I have been working full time in a restaurant for the last ten years and here we are seven employers.

So I think I can work with a big team because my mates and I are very different for example one of them is very efficient and dynamic but other is very quiet and he works slowly but he is innovative. Always we are helping each other.

In my case I´d say I am practical, sensible, self-disciplined, well-organised and of course dependable.

In my case I have never cooked Australian food, but I have experience cooking traditional food from others countries like Spain, Italy, Portugal and even China or Japan and I could learn quickly.

I always work in a high-pressure environment because we have many clients at the same time and because my kitchen is very old so it´s weird the day that everything works.

So we have to look for other options but every day we serve the most delicious, savory and attractive dishes to our clients. I am able to work a flexible schedule including mornings, evenings, weekends and public holidays.

For me it wouldn’t be a problem to have different shifts.

I have a diploma of Food Hygiene from the University of Ferrol and other courses about diets.

I made two courses about Food Safety and how to work with different meats and fishes.
Right now I am studying a course on distance about direction of kitchens in Vigo.

I shall be available for interview any day.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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