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Hi Dan! What´s up? How is your little sister, is she improving? I couldn´t chat with you last week because my mother told me that I has to study so hard for the final tests...I hope you forgive me...It was a complicated week.

Changing subject, do you remember I was going to write down in a mountain excursion by bike?Ok, I did it. But..Something "funny" happened.
I did it with Ana. On the first big grade, I was just very tired and to top it off I reckon that the road was full of stones; so that´s why I took my bike on my back. Furthermore, I was so exhausted that my friend told me to get down alone to the village we satarted, and waited then until they finished the excursion.
I walked down. Suddently, at the entrance of the village by suprise, my friend, who supposdly was to go on with the activity, sacared me, and I fell off. She started to laugh at me while she was saying to me that it was a joke. The funniest moment was when she tried to help me, and she fell off in a brook. We ended up in hospital because bouth of us had broken our right leg!
What do you think? Next time, ypu go with us, I´m sure you willl have a good time. I hope to see ypu face to face someday, I have so much things to tell you.
Bye! My best wishes to your family and I hope to hear from you soon...
Fond regards.

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