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awareness:conciencia. Delay: retrasar:put the project on ice; have no influence on my, cut no ice with me; employ , hire; skate on thin ice, ten cuidado; face afrontar, warn advertir; rocky sandy, severe grave, travel arrengements peprarativos, aid ayuda, courage valor, relief alivio, rescue team, praise alabar, risk, scream gritar, suffer, brave, trapped, keep warm, on his own, save someone leave, search party, deligted encantado, scratches arañazos, sore doloroso, mad cabreado, horney cachondo canyon , cave, remote lejos, lucky break suerte, better luck next time, lucky day, you are in luck

Phrasal verbs 

turn on encender, ran out of quedarse sin, looking forward esperando, look for buscar, look after cuidar,  wonder around merodea, , set off partir hacia, get away alejarse , get in entrar , 


round trip ticket return ticket, fortnight txo weeks, subway underground, toilet restroom


b would pu, c was leving, a,,b,c,a,d,b,c,a,d,dc,a,a,bc,a,b.

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