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hello Isa,
How are you? What have you been doing since your last birthday party? You won´t believe it, but I have joined the scouts.

I used to think it was so boring, but I decided to go to along and to get involved in one group of scouts. Well, I´m very happy because it has made me to change my mind. We meet once a week and we take part in several activities like learning survival skills, first did, archery, rock climbing... We ´ve just finished ou Annual scout came. It has been a big sucess, so I´m really glad. Banically we did things like setting uf a tent, orienteering working in groups, shareing esperiences.

I think it has been very useful for me. I´ve made an effort to have a fun time and now I am more dedicated outgoing, symphatic and enthusiastic. Has that ever happened to you? I mean, have you had an opinión about something but then got involved in it and changed your mind? It´s never happened to me before!

Anyway, I´ve got to go to now, otherwise I´ll be late for my basketball training. Keep in touch.

Care your shelf.

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