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Hi, Elliot.

How are you? I could not write to you because I have had a lot of work lately, but I'm on vacation now. I am surprised to know that you are coming to Spain shortly to see us again. Since you went to live so far away, I missed you so much and I hope I can see you soon. I hope that when you come you do not get confused with the languages ​​since there is a big difference between English and Spanish, anyway I will help you a little if you need it, it will be very fun to go out together like before.

By the way, what day are you coming? We are all excited to go to the airport to wait for you, answer me as soon as possible, I hope it is soon.

We have many memories with all the pimpinelas.


This year there have been many people who have gone from playing on ps4 and xbox to playing on pc. What are the advantages and disadvantages of playing on the PC and in the console?

I have not even been able to play a lot on the PC, since I do not have one that is very good, but I’ve discovered that it is much easier if you know the controls. You can do many more things in less time.

But there are several disadvantages, the PC is very expensive and in addition to that, you need to buy the keyboard and the mouse, which is also a bit expensive. The pc cannot be moved easily, what is different to the console that is very light. Plus, you have to be careful where you download the games since you can download a virus and have to repair the pc.

I think that if you have money it is very good to play on the PC but if you just want to play a couple of hours and enjoy with your friends without spending a lot of money it is better to play on the PC.

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