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Nowadays, most families are smaller because they have less time and money than in the past and they can’t afford to take care of their children. From my point of view I don’t know if it is better to grow up in a small family or in a big family.Firstly, I think that living in a small family is better to have a closer relationship with the family members. Furthermore, if you are growing up in a small family your parents can take care of you more than parents of large families. The fact that are less family members it is better to be taking care of each other.But having a big family is better because you always have somebody to play with. In addition, you can share your clothes with your siblings, thing that cannot do if you haven’t it or less and not more.Moreover, it is true that growing up in a big family is better to have more members to count for a support with but at the same time it is not good because if you live in a small family you can ensure that these people are true and are not a false. To sum up, we can see that sometimes living in a big family is better but in other situations the best is to live in a small family. It depends on the situation and the person.

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