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Hi Steve , how are you? Jack and I missed you the last week! We went to new york and we stayed in a hotel near central park. It is the biggest park that I have never seen before!
First, we landed on new york at 9 o'clock and we took our belongings. During an hour we tried to take a taxi but we couldn't do it. Finally Jack rang to an agency and thry moved us to our hotel but if Jack hadn't rung to the agency, we would have waited in the airport for a long time. The hotel where was stayed was built by a famous architect five years ago. In the mornings we went to shops to buy presents for family and Friends and i have one for you. I think that you should like the present but you must conserve it in a hot site, it's not a big deal but,you'll really love it. We could go to see a football match of the new york city team althoug it was raining all the day.
To sum up, we spent very good days in new york but i am very exhauted because you didn't come with us. However in a future i will travel with you to a big strange city. I promise you.
See you, Alejandro

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