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Good account of William Varoic
Count William lived in Varoic (England). As a young man was an excellent gentleman who devoted his life to the fair, to tournaments and warfare. Large weapons and decided to leave a pilgrimage to the Holy City (Jerusalem) for forgiveness for sins committed. On his return to Venice and take down was made s'extenguès the rumor that he had died. She soon arrived at Varoic to this rumor. Later he returned to Varoic but incognito, because he wanted to finish there his last days of life. The Moors were invading the island of England commanded by the king of Gran Canaria. The weak English king, desperate vahaber seek refuig Wales. A Maiden's captain advises that the numbers of their armies that saw the first hermit. It was agreed that William of whom were Varoic numbers. Quicklime with grenades caused a large fire in the field by winning the enemies, so, batalla.Guillem identified himself to his wife and his men, but was estimated to maintain anonymity and keep it in a life of a hermit.
Tirant and the hermit
After a time the King of England called fair and tournaments to celebrate their marriage. A Breton gentleman, along with other young people decided to go there to receive the order caballo. On the way to London, the young Breton was astray and went to the very spot where the hermit lived Wilhelm Varoic. The couple was announced as Tirant lo Blanc, son of Mr. Brand of tyranny and White, a daughter of the Duke of Brittany. Talking, William realized that this couple had no idea what was caballo. He decided to give it in exchange for doctrine that once again won the festival visit him to tell him the good deeds of arms there was done.
The chivalry of Tirant in England
Tirant, either by shame or humility, did not speak for William but he entrusted his cousin Diafebus to reports londinenques parties. He explained how it was his first fight on horseback, and had his first fight on foot with the lord and his first fight Muntalt courtesy, the service of a lady.
The battle with the lord of the Vilersemes the snap of the beautiful Agnes
The Kings were close to the river and near her was a relative of the queen, daughter of the Duke of Berri called the lovely Agnes. Tirant saw her beauty and other qualities, was agenoiar before them and asked her brooch, which for him had descordar touching breasts because it was fastened with its vestit.Al next day, while the King was at Mass, he reached a French gentleman, Monsieur Vilersemes of that, very jealous, he said that willingly or unwillingly had to give the brooch, which he had devoted his entire courted and then it belonged. Entered into discussion and there was civil've deck. Queen came and broke. Tirant and the lord of the Vilersemes were challenged with letters of battle and death. Together with the king went to find weapons of all weapons and equipment necessary requirit. They began to argue because of who agafaba weapons first, the judge finally chose shorts. Started the fight was very intense and both have lost much blood. There was a time when having the stabbing were followed so that both ended up dying on the ground. Judge already believed to be dead and that it was the King, but Tirant was recovered thanks to the attentions of the beautiful Agnes. Tirant went to England incognito. The rulers of Frisia and Apollonia and the Bavarian dukes of Burgundy and, eager to fight ended up dead in the hands of Tirant.
It was his fame spread so far that a lady in Scotland, forced to her lover knight named Vilafermosa, to enter into combat with him, unless directed not to speak anymore. The news reached the ears of kyrie eleison Muntalbà Knight, who decided to avenge his lord, the king of Friesland. Aveu went before the tomb of their master. He was such the rage that took him to burst gall and died. His brother Tom `step Muntalbà wanted to fight him. Pulling the beat, and was proud abroad having to endure the public humiliation of retractació. The judges declared unfair, because not winning was that he had done perjury. He took the Franciscan habit. Knight had been pulling the best of the holidays.
The order of Garrotera
It was an order of Cavalry. The King did contruïr a monastery on which you've had twenty-six seats, one for each Knight. They had specific rules which, if not comply would be punished severely for his king of arms.
Pulling in Sicily and Rhodes
Tirant, Diafebus goodbye and the other knights of the hermit and s'en in Nantes where they receive the Duke of Brittany. Rhodes is an island protected by the knights of the Order of St. John Sultan Jerusalem.El of Alcaire (Cairo) went with a fleet to attack the island. Traitors Genoese crossbows were responsible for the decommission of the Christian knights. A lady of the island learned of the betrayal. The Queen, loyal to Rhodes told the Far Simon, Knight of the Order of St. John. He went to dis it flows to the Master of Rhodes and yet he was time to repair them. Tirant bought a warehouse and several sailors went to the aid of wheels. Lataquefaràs a clever sailor was protecting the ship against any enemy attack very well and sprinkle the Moors with boiling oil. Christian was the only ship to be successful naval attack. But most Muslims and Genoese to pursue out of Tirant and his men all along the coast of Barbary and North Africa always fighting endlessly. Able to reach Palermo and aproveïr Blaro themselves. Now where are Ricomana in Sicily, the king's daughter, falls in love with Philip.
Philip and bread
The prince had ordered that King Philip's table and she mengèsin in most other elavada and the Duke of Messina and Tirant and all other accounts and Men and other people, mengèsin lower than the table of the King. In the morning, Philippe and Tirant and his men were all dressed as best they could. The Princess pretended to be liked by Philip Tirant which was attentive to all genes that go wrong and leave it in ridicule. They all sat at the table when they passed the bread into slices took when Philip came and began to prepare the slices take up to a total of twelve. The Princess and everyone began to laugh and make mockery. Suddenly, Tirant went out and put a ducat each tinder and said they were delivered to the poor, who was a Christian tradition and they all stopped laughing, everyone was jealous.
Pulling it burned the ship captain of a Genoese sailor clever
A clever sailor offered to burn the ship from Genoa to Tirant, since this was the ship that was closer to land. In exchange Tirant gave diners.Ho got Tirant and gave him three thousand ducats and a silk-lined clothes on Mars and a doublet of brocat.El Master believed that the fire had made a comment that Tirant made earlier about doing a bit of fitting between the ships of Genoa.
Philip and the twins
Philip was half broken and called needle and thread. The princess, who saw it all from another room and he noticed and gave him the needle and thread Paje. He stuck the needle in bed sleeping ov wanted, which was the easier of the two beds. After sleeping in their pages was sent to when he decided to sew the half. Trovaba not the needle, took off the bed looking for it but did not find, to not make it went to sleep in the big bed. The child was noticed even thought it did because it comes from a royal family who disdained the bed and rustic as it comes from a family of great linatge. Finally it ended up marrying both.
Pulling the Greek Empire
The new Sultan of Alcaire and Grand Turk have attacked the Greek Empire and took many lands, villages and castles. The Emperor of Constantinople, worried, send a letter to the King of Sicily, where the court knows you're Tirant lo Blanc, begging his help to stop the Turkish threat. Do not hesitate and he went with his family and friends in Constantinople. Tirant is appointed Captain of the Greek armies. They found that women were all pristones and habit of mourning and weeping in a room where the light went there because of the death of the heir to the empire. As Captain Tirant was forced to open all windows and women alive. Will they be tadrar interchange in the roles and Tirant became sad and melancholic.
Tirant love is wounded by an arrow that shot him will goddess Venus
Love is pulling Carmesina, the new Princess, daughter of the current Emperor. When lunchtime, Tirant was sent to his room in bed and stretched. Soon I get to tell him if he wanted to eat and he says no. Seeing this attitude, Diafebus goes to see what happens. He says he's a headache but Diafebus not believe it and you still wondering, and crying, he confessed that Tirant is love Carmesina. Meanwhile, talks with Diafebus Carmesina and confessed that their romance, over ears that view, his cousin Estefanía.
The council began Males sedicións conflicts because there are knights and supporters that the Duke of Macedonia (who killed the Prince) was the Captain. But the Emperor and the Princess are supporters of Tirant. In addition, Princess Tirant warns that keep the traitor Duke of Macedonia.
Declares his love for throwing Carmesina with the help of a mirror
Carmesina commanded to read Diafebus to eat after throwing what he wants to talk to. Tirant, seeing what happens, buy a old mirror. When he finished the dance came to talk next to a window and Tirant confessed that he is in love. Carmesina in which you ask, this removes the sleeve and tells him that is what is in the image. She expected to see a woman drawn but do not see anything other than your face. Although he had done the like, Carmesina resumes Tirant hard for osadia that he had and went sad and compungit. She hurts you've so much reganyat and pemnsa who wants to commit suicide. Therefore sends Estefanía to avoid it. In realizing its delay was Plaerdemavida it personally, one of her maidenhood, and realized that I had planned to raise many això.Els Turks crushed because of the military iniptitud the Duke of Macedonia . The Emperor proposes to send the council Carmesina in Hungary with his sister Isabel for if the Empire falls heir to conserve, but opposes the Princess. Carmesina gives his shirt Tirant, who dress the battlefield.
Pulling on the battlefield
Tirant rapid victories against the Turks. The Duke of Macedonia is not welcomed at all, but if you take delight to go the spoils of the enemy camp, who rob and Vilma unjustly, as has been the triumph of Tirant and his homes.Vista defeat, the Sultan called truces in Tirant through a letter bearing the wise Solomon Abdak facilities. The Duke of Macedonia wants a truce but not believing that Tirant is a tactic by the Turks in comançar rearmament se.Torna battle near the castle of Malev, the son of the lord of which is Hippolytus. Employs the tactic of throwing irritating and tiring foes. In the field of battle, the Turks are cornered and decides that the only solution is to kill Tirant. Try to do the King of Egypt in combat, if you do not succeed, then they would in betrayal, shooting arrows and darts from afar. Ciprés the Parthenon, a Christian servant to the Turks, decided to act as a spy for the Greeks. During the stay of Diafebus to Constantinople, and he Estefan etern.En swear love to see the letter of battle and leave the council meets all the envy and hatred of the Duke of Macedonia to Tirant. The Duke of Macedonia Commines Tirant stick to the deposed captain and Tirant publicly accused the duke of having killed the son of the Emperor. The Emperor was forced to go to the battlefield and come with him Carmesina Wonder with an army of women and more people led by Mr arms of Pantalanea. The reinforcements come from Sicily, Philip Ricomana because of his kings. There are so many people at the front is imminent that the great battle against the Turks.
The large pitched battle against the Turks
HIA had people on both sides MOLTISIMES. The Turks, indeed, had four hundred bomber with whom they thought killed at least seven hundred people. The King of Egypt, with a Trumpeter, threatened Tirant.L 'Titant squadron moved to the mountains where he was Diafebus and when the Turks thought they had fled, Tirant was sending his troops, his brother and for more, so get more mortandat. Tirant was attacked again, went from place to place and helped where there was required. The King of Egipre, Africa and Cappadocia were fought so that pulling Bravamar were a little out of the deck and stuck Tirant and the wounded and fell to the ground. Hippolytus and Pirimus saw it, and thus were able to testify the facts. King of Africa struck him with a sword in the back to the Duke of Macedonia and matar.Tirant he was badly injured when the king of Egypt was going to kill him, the Lord of Agra was wounded in the thigh and fell to the ground. He got closer to crawling on the floor and Tirant, with an arrow was found wounded on the ground Tirant on the cheek and lost much blood and he fell four molars. Was pulling out of the battle and won thanks to Hippolytus kill the king of Capadòcia.Diefebus was fit and decided to attack, when the Sultan saw that even more people came was discouraged and decided not to flee before morir.Tirant nobody wanted to do because Diafebus not party to the case and he was lord of everything from being an empire.
Castle Malev

Tirant saw Carmesina staying at the castle of Malev. This asked them leave as do the prisoners. The mother of Princess tells of love who wants a license. The Princess did not want to give your body. Many festivals are celebrated by nombrament of Diafebus as Grand Constable and as Count of San Angel. The Emperor wanted him to Tirant but he refused. Carmesinahavia leaving Malev and return to Constantinople. Estefanía proposes Diafebus Tirant and at night they go to the chamber. What happens Plaerdemavida explains that he spy.
The dream of pretending Plaerdemavida
Estefania was told that the camera of maidenhood with a lit candle to see if they slept. After he entered his room and grabbed the hand Diafebus. Caught in arms throwing Carmesina and gave kisses to his mouth and breasts and left her in bed and began to talk. Later, he began to undo cordonets breasts and kissed the breasts. Then he put his hand under the skirt to look for fleas but she did not consentir.Plaerdemavida, gifts, realized his love for Hippolytus. When they arrived the morning, the Princess told that Tirant s'ananès why nobody saw them. Tirant begged her to let him out victorious as his body but she did not voler.L 'Emperor leaves the castle and returns to Constantinople with her daughter and other doncella. Brace sees off Carmesina, which lifted the veil and says: serà.Els Turks were reinforced by sea to collect a large fleet under Admiral Caramany the Great and the king of India helped by Genoese sovereignty.
The great naval battle against the Turks
When it comes to port, the ships captain is all downloaded. Galançó a clever sailor, tells you should submit two galleys at sea and a ship of the Great Caramany continue and you will get the ship, which would give great wealth and honor. He put a lot of people within two galleys of arms and crossbowmen. The ships were not very big but they were well armed and good people left. They decided to put lights on many ships, including a total of seventy-three, and when the night was lit and all the Turks who had fled thinking MOLTISIMES premises. The galley Caramany made the return route from Cyprus to Turkey, with the galley of Tirant men who follow them, because they wanted to take land into the seas of Alexandria. Tirant, when he did not see any day but if the premises of Caramany. When it was noon and they approached the envestir one another. It was a very intense and exhausting battle. Many Turks threw stones and men's captain defended with crossbows. Once the first battle took an hour to eat and relax a little rest and then re-hi.Els many Turks threw boiling oil and lime paste. Did not stop day and night, so many people died and many were broken arrows, llacçes and pasadons why people falling ship does not sink in water. Tirant In those battles he was wounded in the arm with a pin and the thigh with an arrow. The Great Caramany undermine their people to see he took his daughter and was hooked all the jewels, money and clothes and threw into the sea.
Treves. Festivals in Constantinople
Tirant reached the Grand Caramany Constantinople and the king of India's sovereignty as prisoners and put it inside a gàbia.La ANSWER Widow attends that Tirant is wounded and must go to bed some days. Not because I like it because if the nurse is in love straps, even to try to separate the young lovers and take them Capità.Abdal Allah Solomon returns with a new embassy in Constantinople, Sultan. The Turks want to buy, literally weight in gold, the two prisoners with three months of truce.
Love interest between Tirant and Carmesina
Pulling suddenly entered the chamber and this will Carmesina resumed and told to go s'en. He was not the case, and took started giving kisses to her face and breasts. Carmesina he had to go because the Emperor was waiting. The maidenhood pulling hands to catch with their games, not despentinès Princess. Then when Carmesina grew, he played with the feet under the foot in place and she ran a stop. Tirant was very expensive jewels embroidered on the site were performed under falda.Arriben French knights to Constantinople, among which is the Viscount of Branches, cousin of Tirant.
The joke was that the Empress to Tirant
The Empress saw that Tirant, who after hoisting the sails, started a boat. This he said to his daughter and spend a joke maidenhood to Tirant. Make like a slave make corn falls into the water and to wet the shoe where she embroidered jewels. When the corn was near land, corn Tirant took the neck, wanting to wet his foot as if doing caiès was true of falling into the water and got wet all over. When he saw that the ladies were much laughter that he realized it was all a joke. Resumed throwing corn but did not do anything because oveía Empress. Tirant, when he saw all his relatives were votes for his love, he took all the jewels of the shoe and gave the captive corn together who had a rich layer. He went to undress and he sent all his clothes to his shirt, but he declined to give either half or the shoe. After the festivities, the Emperor returns the response to ambassadors: do not marry her daughter in any way, with a renegade Moro. Tirant quiet breathing. Estefanía Diafebus and eventually marry and become Dukes of Macedonia. They tried to help meet again Tirant and Carmesina. But who makes the step Plaerdemevida definitiu.Li door, hidden in the chamber while this Carmesina bathes.
Tirant is invited to look at the bathroom Plaerdemavida Princess
Entered the chamber by pulling the hand Plaerdemavida. He put in a box with a hole to breathe. This was where they had trained together in the bathroom Princesa.L 'Emperor, when he finished dinner and dance went to his room and left all alone in doncella Plaerdemavida with the Princess and the maidenhood that rating help. Plaerdemavida left inside the box a sheet ila left, passing a little open to pulling the veiès.La Princess began to undress and touched the Plaerdemavida saying that he did on behalf of Tirant. Princess said Plaerdemavida engage with her in the bathroom and this answered Aue on one condition: to share with Tirant bed for an hour. Finally, all naked Plaerdemavida entered with a half and a hat in the bathroom. When finished bathing, he went to his room in bed for dormir.Totes maidenhood at least two went to sleep. Plaerdemavida went quietly in the box and pulling out made him undress, whole body quivers. This introduces Tirant the bed of the Princess while he sleeps.
Tirant sharing bed with Princess
It got Plaerdemavida and also between the two. He started playing it and when it awoke alert Tirant and the Plaerdemavida said she was there on behalf of the Tirant and liked playing it after leaving bany.Tirant went running toward a window in the garden with the help of a rope that had placed Plaerdemavida because of the scandal that had formed in the Princess awoke. The rope did not reach the ground in the fall and broke a leg.
Rates in Palau
On hearing this scandal, the Empress and maidenhood entered the chamber and the Princess asked explanations. She said there was a rat in your bed and that is why he called. Quickly Plaerdemavida pulled the rope from the window because the Emperor had also awakened and was looking for all cambra.Finalment, Tirant was rescued from the garden for the Viscount of Branches and Hippolytus, after mysterious confusion.
Tirant, Wight
The Viscount and Ippolito went to see what pasaba. Were in the Viscount went through the front door and the door Hippolytus in the garden. Going there was a voice crying like a woman, or went to Maiden and the Viscount said it was not their lord Tirant. They decided to go to the garden to help the woman who made these chants. Gave strong shoulders and knocks the door was opened. Hippolyte approached and discovered that Tirant was. The Viscount, fearing he did not bring it. When they know, with certainty finally, to try to Tirant helped out in the garden. I felt a shooting pain so strong that he wanted the help of a doctor, but without the Emperor learns. Hippolytus siggerir that he went to take a stable Bellestar and their horses and say that has fallen. Because this lesion could not hide the excitement that was in palau.L 'Emperor requires the presence of Tirant on the battlefield and with Hippolytus and which has bribed a doctor traveling in a safe and Andes. Diafebus not being cut neck doctor who has consented to such a trip. Pulling back to Constantinople and the Empress Trading Hippolytus love letters.
The love of Hippolytus and the Empress
The Empress was perfumed and redecorate her room because the EIA waiters who wanted to surprise the Emperor. When they finished dinner the Empress retired to bed because trovaba wrong. Elisha asked for help from a doctor without the Emperados be n'assabentès at the request of the Empress. When I was in the chamber and maidenhood were all in bed, the Empress entered into its recambró where they were and Hippolytus entered the chamber together. The next day Elisha came into the room and saw a man with mamella Empress of the rim. But it was called or said anything. When the camera approached the Emperor, Elisha came into the room to warn her. The Empress prayed Hippolytus by fleeing recambrò and save his vida.Finalment Emperor and physicians entered the chamber and approached the bed asking for their illness. She said that almost anything-but has not slept all night. Doctors recommended the Emperor to leave her alone in her bed and went s'en. Ippolito spent fifteen days incognito into the chamber of the Empress. Tirant is already fully recovered. Carmesina takes pulling hand and pronounce words that seal the marriage. Tirant and Carmesina have married in secret. ANSWER: The Widow carries out its latest cunning to separate the lovers.
Widow of malicious fiction ANSWER
His widow was sent, with the help of a ladder, Tirant Push the window to observe the Princess, and with the help of mirrors, also s'enterava the Widow. This was in the chamber of the Princess to tell you not to sleep that you feel bad and you open the windows so that she does not sleep. We had prepared for casualties that the Princess in the garden with their maidenhood. Plaerdemavida wore a mask of Hortolà corn. He thought he was pulling him because he started digging with a hoe. It was supposed to bring corn to the Princess and began to touch her and kiss her breasts and the statements you make love. Tirant, he saw his wife with Hortolà deceived, and who is also black. The widow wanted to take the situation but Tirant escaped and killed the black Hortolà Lauseta.
Shooting in North Africa
The Turks have returned to the offensive and Tirant must without delay from any battlefield. Already, after what had pasta, I had no reason to enderrerir the trip.The ships were in port of Constantinople and Tirant get on board the flight to visit Plaerdemavida explain the machinations of Viude ANSWER love and want to reconcile. Meanwhile Hippolytus seeks disfresa Hortolà the black. With the strong sea there, the ship was adrift and naufraguen the coast of Barbary. Plaerdemavida were saved, braces and a sailor. Soon an old Moorish houses Plaerdemavida home with her daughter Rafal, near Tunis.Tirant receives news of the serious situation pateéis its people and also Carmesina. Available at pulling together a large fleet in the city of Conestina permanently delete the Turks.
The adventure and the great adventure of the knight Espèrcius
From there he headed to the channel from Romania, but took a heavy storm that dropped on the island of Lango. The galley was hitting the rocks and disappeared entire crew, except the knight Espèrcius and ten of its senseless homes.Espèrcius ended when suddenly a beautiful woman and gave kisses to recovering. When he senses pick up again, this led to a cave where he had a camera for his service on HIA were many treasures to offer and have had it with him. He began to kiss and put her to bed. This is where the latest achievements were made with love. They married and lived as lords of the island and had children and lived quietly.
Pulling free the Greek Empire

When estolancora port of Troy, sends a message to Constantinople Tirant warning of their arrival. ANSWER: The Widow, on hearing the news, takes poison and dies. The Turks, before committing suicide as the black widow, for the large fleet that had achieved a definitive peace Tirant asked a hundred years. The Emperor does not know what to do and calls to Tirant Constantinople. This was to see which had Plaerdamevida days he was there. This helps you get on the bed and drank Carmesina eventually the marriage. The Emperor accept peace in a hundred years in exchange for which the Sultan and Grand Turk prisoners are Christian and that his men were disarmed. They do agree that it is better to die at the hands of the captain of the Greeks. Pulling the glorious entrance to Constantinople and shall give him the title of Emperor Caesar of the Empire and the hand of Carmesina.
Death of Tirant and Carmesina
As the Greek Empire, there are still many towns and villages in the hands of the Turks, Tirant undertook an offensive to liberate them. In addition they must rescue Diafebus is besieged by the enemy and carried it to fruition. Suddenly, at Adrianople, take a voice came pneumonia and death. But before it will be confessed and in favor of Hippolytus and write a letter to Carmesina. Finally died on the way to Constantinople. The Emperor can not withstand the upheaval of his daughter and dies. Carmesina saw the death of her husband leaning over the corpse, with many painful complaints www and also feels that the time has come the end. Confess your sins and makes publicly testament in favor of his mother. Carmesina dies on the body of Tirant. The Empire remains in the hands of the Empress and Hippolytus, with the approval of the council are married. After three years, the Empress and Hippolytus dies marries the daughter of the King of England. The firstborn of remarriage becomes an excellent gentleman.

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