Tirant lo Blanc

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Part 1. Pulling in England (chapters 1 to 97)

The English part of Tirant, also called William of Varoic,

begins with the narration of the life and adventures of this brave knight

English, Earl of Varoic which, after a youth during the

which has covered itself with glory in battle, decides to fifty-five

abandon the profession of arms and a pilgrimage to Jerusalem in order to get pardon

their faults. England abandons his wife, who commits

their property, and his son. Give half to the Countess of a ring with its

weapons and it saves him the other half. On the way back from the Holy Land

passing through Venice, where he ran the rumor of his death. Upon hearing the false

news, the Countess, having convinced widowed, celebrates his funeral.

William has been passed to death to go to live as a hermit in

domains of his former county. Reach Varoic unknown under the long beard

and hair that has stopped growing, wearing the Franciscan habit, and installed

a chapel, located on the land where he lives to charity. Some time

then the King of England announces the celebration of their wedding with

Princess of France, during which all the young noblemen who ask

be armed knights. Tirant lo Blanc, Breton gentleman, using the path

towards London. With other young people want to attend the festivities and be armed

knight. Tired of the trip, falls asleep on his horse, and is separated from the group

is before a fountain not far from where William lives Varoic.

Pulling present chapel, which maintains its anonymity. During his

conversation, William is surprised that Tirant not know the rules of

cavalry, he explains, then, what are the nature and value of the Order of the

Cavalry. Having played well the lesson of the hermit, the young Breton

continues its path and was reunited with his traveling companions. Reach

London, where he participated in the festivities in honor of the royal wedding that last a

year and a day. Knight is armed and participates in as many bats which

comes out victorious. At the end takes off on way back in the company of their

friends to do night stops the count-hermit hermitage. Pulling it all has fast

the holidays. But when the hermit wants to know who was the better knight, the

Our hero's modesty prevents him from continuing and Diaphebus, cousin of Tirant,

who read the letter which certifies that the King of England was the Tirant

best knight. Count-hermit want to hear the exploits of Tirant, who Diaphebus

concerned. Once the king has armed knight Tirant, Breton go into lists.

During the first three fights on horseback, kill their opponents. Here

collates the episode with the beautiful Agnes, daughter of the Duke of Berry. Pulling promises

serve and fight for it in exchange for a brooch that has the girl in the chest.

This agrees but, jealous, a former suitor, the Lord Barrentowns,

Pulling causes to retrieve the brooch and the thing ends in a bath

blood in favor of the Breton knight. Shortly after arriving in the kings of England

Frisian id'Apol Apollonius Bavera and dukes and fight all the Burgunya.Tirant

four wins and one after another. Later comes the gigantic Kirieleison

Muntalbà from, who comes to avenge their lord, the king of Friesland, but the victim

such a pain to the grave of his sovereign that dies. After referring

Diaphebus the exploits of Tirant, goodbye forever to the Bretons

the hermit.

Part 2. Pulling in Sicily and Rhodes (chapters 98 to 114)

Tirant and his colleagues aimed to Nantes, where they are well

received by the Duke of Brittany. Knights arrive at the court of the king of France

say that the Sultan of Alcaire (Egypt), with help from Genoese, besieging the island

Rhodes. Some sailors, who were able to escape the blockade, they

warned the princes of Christendom, but neither the pope nor the emperor nor

Christian kings do not come to help knights of the Order of Saint John

Jerusalem. Pulling it moves and buy a ship to fly in aid of

harassed. When he learned it, Dark, French gentleman,, suggests that

approve the company to add the child Philip, fifth son of King of France

little loved by his parents. The ship is at sea heading to Palermo

load of wheat. Philip presented as short and coarse, falls for the Princess

Ricomana, daughter of King of Sicily. Pulling help Philip to appear in their

best possible conditions and gets it, fooling and Princess

Ricomana, which can not stand the nonsense. Warned of the fall

imminent Rhodes Pulling back to its initial project: the king embarks

Philip il'infant Sicily to reach the island. Enter the port breaking

siege of the city boldly, and thanks al'astúcia a sailor creek fire

Genoese ships that are allied with the Moors. Forces to fight on

retreating enemy troops and Rhodes is released.

After Jerusalem and Alexandria, where Tirant rescues

many Christian captives, back to Sicily, where they held the wedding of Philip and

Ricomana. Then Tirant accompanies the kings of Sicily and France in

expedition against the Moors. After several victorious battles take

the city of Tunis and return to Palermo. Pulling starts with the king of France to

Marseille, where returns to Britain to visit his parents and his

family. But the king of Sicily and the claims, again, is to Palermo.

5th and final part. Liberation of the Greek Empire and death Pulling

(Chapters 414 to 487)

Pulling back to Constantinople decided to fight the Greek Empire. To

this requires an army Escariano king of Ethiopia, and another to Philip, king of

Sicily. Pulling landed at Troy and announces his imminent arrival in

the emperor. The city of Constantinople was besieged by sea and land and Hippolytus

defense the best he can. In realizing the return of Breton, the Widow

ANSWER ends his life by taking a poison. Pulling overcomes

enemies that are at the limit of his strength, and demand peace. Pulling

comes secretly into the city and meets Plaerdemavida. True to her

same, this leads again to the bed where the princess is a place

Secret marriage is consummated. After meeting with

Emperor, takes the decision to sign a peace treaty and truce with

the sultan and the great Turkish. Pulling back to their camp and enters

Constantinople, where he is received as a winner. The emperor, for recompensarlo

its services, offers hand Carmesina and names of Caesar

Greek empire. During a short campaign, Pulling back the

cities that had remained under the power of the enemy and releases Diaphebus. All

walking on the edge of a river, not far from Adrianople falls seriously

ill and dies on the way to Constantinople. Seeing her love death

Crimson drops collapsed and died of grief after having wept over the body

her husband's secret. The emperor can not resist the loss of her daughter and

Tirant and dies anyway. The empress, the heiress of his daughter marries

Hippolytus and the two begin a new reign in a pacified empire. The bodies

Tirant Carmesina and are transported to Britain, where they are buried in

rich grave: an epitaph in verse celebrates his memory. Three years later,

Empress Hippolytus dies and he marries a princess had remarried

English which will have three sons and two daughters.

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