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Delia 1: t + at-a

singular plural nominative vocative-a-ae-ae-a-am-as accusative gnitivo-ae-ae-arum is dative-ablative-?-is / 2nd Delia: pluralnominativo singular type-us-us-i vocative-e-i accusative-um-os-i-orum gnitivo dative-ablative or-is-o-is / type-er singular nominative plural vocative puer puer-i like. accusative-i puer puer puer-um-os-i gnitivo puer puer puer-orum dative-ablative or puer-is -is/tipo puer puer-or-go singular nominative plural vocative as vir-i-i like accusative-um -- os-i-orum gnitivo dative-ablative or-is-o-is / n. nourishing singular nominative plural vocative-a-um-um-a accusative-um-a-i-orum gnitivo dative-ablative or-is-o-is ls cases: nominative: suj and attribute / vocative: aplacion / accusative: cd / dative: ci / ablative: cc .. patrimonials or slang words, and people were 1tilizado xl fonticos changes after 1s, in each lngua dífrnts, horn yegaron oy, x oral transmission. cultism: were d Origne ERMISSION Latinos: Latin words taken dirctamnt dl and used in the used nustra lngua cm ls Latinos. rglas: 1) the final m dsaparc; fatherland = patria4) becomes Xs j; exercitum = Ejército 2) the final e Suel dsaparcr; flower Florman = 5) s + consnant initial passes as; statua statuam = 3) or s becomes final or; tmplum = tmplo 6) ls Latin ae and oe diphthongs ae pass; taedam = ta 7) e da ie acntuada brb .. 8) final-e Suel dsaparcr eg Florman> flower 9) the group-yl-+ vowel: you can spend aj; fuck me> oja 10) the vocals prtonicas dsaparcn; aprire> open 11) l-ns-s group simplifies s 12) vocal poston intrna dsaparc 13): The spelling and passes ai 14) ls c'j g'l groups or pass jvocabulario home t'l Roman atrium: atrium, lararium: altar, tablinum: dspaxo, pristylum: pristilo, triclinum: comdor, Culina: kitchen cubiculum: abitacion, compluvium: rcogr xa stanq water tabrna: d shop house / domus: house, insula: floors, oppidum: fortalzala etymology: trace d ls xa conocr his words significado.composicion and drivacion: procdimientos q amended 1 word from d new Terms / composition: union d 2 xa make 1 new words eg omni-potns.drivacion: training new words mdiant d d suffixes and the utilization prfijos.ej: e-duco (raise), flici-tas ( flicidad)

Vocabulary Roman house: Atrium: Atrium, Lararium: altar, tablinum: office peristylum: peristyle triclinum: dining, culinary: cooking, cubiculum: room, compluvium: pond to collect water, tavern shop house / Domus: home insula: floors, oppidum: Courage The etymology: tracing of words to know its meaning. composition and derivation: procedures qe 1 word changed from new terms / Composition: union of two words to form 1 new eg omni-potens. Derivation: formation of new words using suffixes and prefijos.ej: e-duco (raise), felici-tas (happiness)

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