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lethal: deadly or fatal
tolerate: to be affected by something without being harmed
abated: became less strong
noblewoman: an upper-class woman with a special title
dose: a specific amount
extracted: to be removed from something
remedy/cure: a cure/remedy for a disease or illness
contaminated: impure, made dangerous bc of the addition of another substance
diminish: make something smaller or weaker.
relieved: removed or reduced pain
crushing: breaking up something into smaller pieces or powder by pressing hard.
neutralized: stop something from having any effect
swelling: becomes bigger due to illness or injury.
patented: obtained exclusive rights to use or sell a product or invention
trial and error: a way of solving a problem using different methods until successful

extract: to obtain something
neutralize: to make something neutral.
relieve: to make less unpleasant.
tolerate: to put up with
treat: to cure a disease or injury

aromatic: dried herbs.
bitter: strong coffee
clammy: damp clothing.
deafening: crashing waves.
mouth-watering: freshly-baked cake
scorching: bright sunshine
slimy: raw squid

feel lightheaded: feel dizzy
have butterflies in the stomach: feel nervous
feel queasy: feel nauseous
be under the weather: feel slightly ill
get the sniffles: a runny nose
alternative: a choice among several possibilities 

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