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I´m going to speak about travelling to italy,the first time i went to 
italy was for an intercultural exchange and I made a lot of friends and 
I (got to know)knew interesting people. I´ve also visited a lot of 
monuments and my first cities in Italy which were Modena,Firenze and 

Do you know this cities?....In Maranello you have the oportunity to 
visit the first Ferrari factory,and of course in Firenze you can see a 
lot of monuments and you absolutely have to visit all the museums,for 
example the Uffici Gallery wich in my opinion is one of the most 
beautiful galleries all over the world much better that other famous 
gallerys in New York or in London. If you are an fan of art, you have to 
see it. I´m certain you´d like it. Even if you´re not that keen on art, 
it´s a great experience that anyone could enjoy

Do you like art galleries and museums?If she answers yes;so could you 
reccomend me someone.If she answers no;Okay there are a lot of 
alternative things to do in Firenze which makes it one of the most 
enjoyable cities in Europe. (For example?)

However obviously there are advantages and disadvantages to travelling 
to italy as any country that I have been to
  but I'm pretty sure that the advantages outweigh the disadvatages. You 
dont have to worry too much about the disadvantages.

The first advantage is that in Italy you can enjoy the local food and 
it's very difficult to you to dislike this food because it's awesome. 
However,a disadvantage is that you might like it too much and gain a lot 
of weight! Have you ever tried Italain food? What was your favourite? In 
my opinion, it´s the best food in the world. Especially when you compare 
it to food from other parts of Europe. Even in Spain, our food is good 
but Italian is better. It has a wider variety than Spanish food and it´s 
never the same. A pizza in Rome is a lot different to a pizza in Turin.

  Another advantage is that if you are looking for history you can start 
but it´s impossible to finish visiting all the monuments in Italy.Italy 
has always been an important historical place. Other point that makes 
italy a great place is the variety of locations.

You can visit big cities,small villages,mountains,sea and all is 
beautiful.What do you think about this,do you like Italy a little bit?

And now the disadvantages. Of course they exist but there are way more 
advantages. Something that you can see in Italy is that us spaniards are 
used to very very clean streets and in italy the streets aren't as clean 
as here,another thing is the mafia that maybe if you go to the south you 
could get into some trouble in some neighbourhoods,and the last thing is 
that everything costs a lot.All things considered I'm very sure that i 
will go back to Italy as soon as possible.

In my opinion, the downsides of Italy are important but the upsides 
outweigh them. I think that if Italian were more interestes in keeping 
thier environemnt clean, it would be almost perfect. When I think about 
my life here in SPain, I love it but I think I would prefer to live in 
Italy? What about you? Have you ever been before? If yes where? If no, 
recommend a city.

So, Adrian, I would advise comparing the good parts to spain a lot more. 
Try to deveolop more downsides too. From my own expereince, I would 
mention that Italy can be very noisey, especially at night and that 
thier public transport has many flaws like being late, going on strike 
etc.It´s a good topic but remember, tehy want to see comparison, upsides 
and downsides and your opinion. It´s good that you have included 
questions to the examiner.

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