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This graph is showing the grown of tourism From 1950 to 2030. Also shows at the left line th enumber of turists (1.8 Billion tourists) and the colors are the different regions of the world (Europe, Asia, America,Middle east, the pacific,Africa).

-Source: UNWTO (united nations wolrd Tourism organization.

Description of tourism: the temporary Movement of people (24h-1year) from their place of residence to another place, Generally for leisure purpuse.


The region that has received more tourists Is Europe since 1950 and its expected to grow more, because it offers all types Of tourism and the least Africa.

In the forecast, Europe grows but Asia even More, because it is starting to grow now


Three causes of tourism:

1) Increase of purchasing power of the European

2)the right to paid holidays

3)the progress in transport enabled peeople To travel from one place to another


-Economic consequences (they create Jobs but they are seasonal and temporary, that's not good and growth of the GDP: 9%

-Demographic: they are many tourists And more young people because young people travel to work in summer, to get Some money and some of them likes to live in the coast and out Madrid

-Social/Cultural: exchanges, Westernization of world and cultives

-Enviromental: less rain, touristic Infrastructures sometimes alter the landscapes

For making a good tourism for the future, there should be  sustainability between social, cultural environmental And economical and there is too much unemployement in Spain after summer.

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