Trade in goods and services between producers and consumers

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1.-defined: state control of three classes: legislative, judicial, executive charters: the Middle Ages from the traditional set of rules autoritarioarn ezaugarriak.Estatuarn 2.-state authorities and government actions are not limit-no-rule elections, the distribution is not askerik errrespetatzen subironotasuna single-person

1.-defined: the raw material: the transformation of natural resources industries. Renewable energy: they are not exhausted, because there is no loss of energy to create. Wind energy wind wind anomalies from the main plume. 2.-traditional enrgi itrri? Development of oil: coal, oil, natural gas, hydrocarbons, consisting of uranium-mineral oil, asphalt and lubricants for engines 3.-black landscape: the old coal factories did ...

1-defined: the third sector: Activities include social services on him. Public, private or state government-paid private companies are required to pay the bill zernitzua. Transportation: People or subjects to the different characteristics of the jarduera.2. External trade: the exchange of goods and products between the towns of, domestic exports of some products sold in other countries, in imports of foreign products to buy. 3 .- The traditional agricultural goods to non-abstract ... ... ... Foreign trade goods in a popular rural tourism tourism travel travel Charte ...

1.-rich country characteristics: economic wealth, population growth, a stable, high social welfare, the contrasts between regions, a stable government. 2.-True or false: truth lies: lies in their economic: low

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