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Wulf and eadwacer

It is as though my people had been given a present ,

Will they wish to capture him if he comes threatening?

it is unlike to us.

Wulf is on an island, I’m on another,

Firmly fixed is that island, placed on fenland.

Murderous are the people who occupy that island

Will they wish to capture him if he comes threatening?

It is unlike to us

Grieved have I from my Wulf with distant longings

then  rainy was the weather and I was sad

when the brave hero surrounded me with his arms

it was such a joy, and also pain

wulf, my wulf my desire for your coming

has made me sad, your rare visits

 my grieving spirit, not the lack of food.

Eadwacer, do you hear me? our miserable baby

Carried by wolf to the woods.

Men can very fiercely separate

 that which was never joined

Our song together


The Egyptian days

Three days are in a year that we call Egyptian

That is in our language dangerous days

In which by no means with no necessity

 let neither man’s nor beast’s blood diminish

the first of these is the Monday

nearest to the end of the month of April

the second is the first Monday after the beginning

of the month we call August

then the third is the first Monday

after the end of the Month of December

whoever in these three days his blood diminishes

be it man, be it beast shall as we have heard say

that soon on the first day or the fourth his life end

or if his life is longer he won’t reach the seventh day

or if he drinks any draught on those three days

his life will end in fifteen days

if anyone is born on these days his life shall end by evil death

and whoever in these same three days goose’s flesh eats

within the first forty days his life will be ended


Jesus and the tax gatherer.

Then he went though Jericho. 

 There was a man there, known by the name of Zacchaeus, who was  rich .

He wanted to see what Jesus was like;

but, being short, he was unable to because of the crowd.  

So he ran  ahead and climbed up into a mulberry tree, to see him,

for he knew that he must pass that way.

He came to this hidden plae when n Jesus came to the place, he looked up and said to him:

 "Zacchaeus, be quick and go to your house, for I must stay at your house to-day."

Then  Zacchaeus he hurried up, and joyfully welcomed him. 

 On seeing that, they all began to complain:

 "He said that he had turned to sinful men

  Zacchaeus stood forward and said to the Saviour

 Now I will give half my property to the poor, and,

if I have defrauded any one of anything, I will give him back four times as much."

 "Salvation has come to this house to-day," answered Jesus, because he is son of Abraham.

 The Son of Man has come to 'search and save those who are lost


Charm for Remedy of Barren Land

Then take the seed, place it on the body of the plough, then say:

“Erce, Erce, Erce, mother of earth,

may grant the Lord, the everlasting Lord,

fields growing and flourishing,

fruitful and reviving,

of shafts of gleaming fruits

and broad barley-crops,

and white wheat-crops,

and all the crops of the earth.

May grant the eternal Lord

and his holy who are in heaven

that his land is kept safe from all foes

and may it be guarded against all wickedness

of the poisons sown throughout the land.

Now I pray the Lord who created the world

that no woman be eloquent enough, nor any man powerful enough

that might destroy thus the words spoken









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