Training "mixed fibers" muscle

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1 to 4 hours: Int at or slightly below lactate threshold 50-75% vo2max. Increase type 1, moderate to high type 2a recruitment. Lactate threshold, CHO economy and movement efficiency important to performance. Hydration and nutrition are vital.

Predictor in long distance running perf. Factor that will increase performance: Carbohydrate intake

In terms of VO2max, which has greater effect: Transport of oxygen

Common used measurement in strength: 1 rep max

Periodization training: Off season(body composition, rest regeneration, repair, skill work or cross training) Pre-season( Increase strength- power or aerobic capacity, low intensity/high volume- higher intensity/lower volume, skill work) In-season( Maintenance of strength/power or peaking of aerobic capacity)

Hypertrophy benefit in strength training: More actin and mysoin

Resistance training, most common used rep range: 8-12

Recruitment order principle: Type 1(slow oxidative) up to 40% VO2max mostly fat for ATP. Type 1&2A(Fast oxidative) up to 75% VO2max, fat & CHO for ATP. Type 1,2a,2x(fast glycolytic) 75-100% VO2max CHO for ATP

Overtraining symptoms: loss of appetite, increased resting heart rate, lack of motivation, chronic soreness, decreased performance, increased risk of illness

Absolute strength differences between gender: In general men are bigger thats why they are stronger have greater cross sectional area.

No qualitative differences between muscle fiber in male and females.

Problem with combining resist and endurance train: Limit gains of either. Best to separate if you want to maximize.

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