Training "mixed fibers" muscle

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Accesory muscle aidiing in Ventilation: Transverse abdominis, diaphragm, rectus abdominis, obliques.

Site in the body where respiration occurs: Alveoli(blood) Capillary(Muscle)

Inside human body where partial pressure of oxygen is highest: base of the lungs

Where do the cells produce CO2: In the tissues

Primary way of gas exchange takes place in human body from areas of high flow to areas of low flow: Pressure gradiant

Hemoglobin to tissues Curve associated with loading and unloading of oxygen. Changes in blood acidity, blood temp: Oxyhemoglobin dissociation curve

Why does AVO2 diff go up in exercise intensity: Muscles are consuming more oxygen so there is less oxygen being returned to heart.

Overload principle: Stressor must be greater than habitual level

Component of RBCs than transport CO2 and O2 around body: Hemoglobin

Part of brain that nonvoluntary control  controlled by: Medulla

Training principle SAID refers to: Specific Adaptations Imposed Demands

Training principle of specificity: Adaptations are specific to nature of exercise(SAID)

Reversability: Adaptations to exercise are quickly lost once stimulus is removed.

Applying resistance training program of light weights, would every indiv make gains? No, everyones is different, programs must be specific.

Endurance training adaptation: inc stroke vol, inc mitochon density, inc capillaries, inc fiber type shifts

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