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Transformers: electrical device, whether moving parts, q by electromagnetic induction transforms electric energy of 1 or more circuits at the same frequency, with changed values
constituted: for 2 or more windings linked by a magnetic flux muto (V1> V2 trasnf reducer, V1 <V2trans elevator)
func.ley.induccion.electromagnetica: the winding is a voltage applies an alternating q create an alternating flux linking the secondary winding induces a voltage in the same frequency q of the primary, with a magnitude proportional to No. of turns of the winding sel secondary flow.
Faraday's law: the absolute value of induced electromotive force determined by the rate of variation of flow Gennero
Lenz's Law: the induced electromotive force must be q tends to establish a current through the magnetic circuit q opposes the flow variation q produces.

E = induced voltage, n = No coil turns, T variation time
& = Flow variation

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