Transmision de movimiento por engranajes a 90 grado

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Dear Mr. My teacher has communicated me that you need one person that will do the computer design of your pieces by using Solidworks. I have done my internship using that program so I control most of the applications. I could make any pieces in the program. I could do any course to specialize better and to the faster in the job one be more precise. As well as learning any program easily. I know a lot about technical design and how mechanics work because I have worked with them. // Thank you for your time. Looking forward to hearing from you. // Sincerely, Gonzalo García ///// Personal information (Name, address, photo,  e-mail, telephone number), Work Experience (02/2017-09/2017 Dinumec, Alcala (Spain), Education and training (Superior/Medium grade cycle in mechanical manufacturing design), Personal skills (Mother longue(s): Español, Driving licence) Test=prueba Broad=amplia Assess=evaluar Manufacture=fabricar Power transmission=transmision de potencia Improve=mejorar Ball bearing=rodamiento de bolas Thrust roller bearing=rodamiento de rodillos de empuje Tapered roller bearing=rodamiento de rodillos cónicos Straight roller bearing=rodamiento de rodillos rectos Journal bearing=cojinete liso Couplings=acoplamientos Offset=compensar Beam coupling=acoplamiento transmisor Input shaft=eje de entrada Output shaft=eje de salida Sleeve=manguito Align=alinear Worm gear=tornillo sin fin Mesh=engranar Tooth=diente Worm=roscar Spur gear=engranaje recto Rack=cremallera Bevel gear=engranaje conico Helical gear=engranaje helicoidal Torque=par Belt=correa Chain=cadena Chain drive= transmisión por cadena Sheave=polea Timing belt=correa dentada V-belt=correa en Groove=ranuras Slippage=escurridizo Calipers=calibrador Hacksaw=sierra para metal Pliers=alicates Box wrench=llave de caja slotted screwdriver=destornillador de punta plana Vice=tornillo de banco Socket wrench= llave de tubo Ball peen hammer=martillo de bola Mill=fresa Lathe=torno Band saw=sierra de banda Drill press=taladro de banco/columna gear shaper=talladora de engranajes Honing machine=rectificadora CNC mil=broca Broach=brocha Lead screws=tornillo guia  Plus=sumar Times=multiplicar Minus=restar Divided by=dividir por Equals=igual Hundred=coma Length=longitude Ounce=onza Weight=peso Meter=metro Pound=libra

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