Did Trevor really understand why baron hausberg was so interested in hughie??

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-a por Young man-

Hughie ersnike was a charming (encantador)man but he didnt have money because  He wasnt clever (inteligente)to(para) make(hacer) it.

He was had grey eyes and Brown Hair.

Men and women liked him ( a el )

He worked : in a Bank , Selling tea, selling(vender) wine (vino)

He wasnt Succesful (no era exitoso) .

When his  father died , hughie got some old books and Swold(espada)

Hughie loved Laura merton but his father didnt want him to marry (casarse) his daughter Because he was por(pobre)

Laura´s father Was a colonel

One day hughie Went to visit his great (gran) friend alan Trevor .

Alan was a Painter . When he arrived he arrived(llego) he saw Trevor painting an old beggar (viejo vagabundo).

Hughie liked the Picture and said that Trevor would(va) sell it for a lot of money

(hughie dijo que Va a vender muy bien la picture de Trevor y va a ganar mucha plata)

Hughie asked Trevor how much money the beggar(vagabundo) got  , Trevor said twelve pence(centavos) an our . He won two thousand pounds For the picture amd hughie tought(pensó) that the beggar neded(necesitar) Earn(ganar)more money . When Trevor left the room for a momento , hughie gave The beggar a pound and a few (poco) pence

After that Hughie went to laura house and  hughie Told (dijo9 her story and laura said he was stuppied because he didnt have Money

-an interesting model-

Hughie went to The club and he found Trevor there.

Trevor told him Thath the beggar was interested in him . Trevor told the beggar all about Hughie , laura and the colonel .

Hughie was angry (enojada) beause he didnt want the beggar to know about him.trevor told hughie That the beggar was millonaire. Baron hausberg  Was the friend of Trevor and wanted Trevor to paint him as a Beggar(vagabundo).

The following Day hughie got(recibió) an envelope from the baron . In the envelope was a Cheque for 10.000ponds. This money was for the wedding with laura . Trevor was The best man (padrino) . In the wedding and the baron hausberg  said a few (unas) words(palabras) in the Breakfast . Hughie was lucky(suerte) to find a model millonaire (buen Millonario tipo bueno)

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