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Leader: stalin and Lenin
Main ideology: socialism
Reason for rise of this ideology: World War One - starvation, Russian Revolution - February and October Bolshevik vs menshevik party
Who were they intolerant of?: to all the people that opose Stalin
Limits of regime: revolutionaries groups
An  offial ideology: no private proverty, all equilibrio for all no social classes all the power for the state 
The one-party state : Jan 1918abolition of the costituent assembly, resignation of the last non-Blosheviks from goverment in march 1918
Mass comunication: they used the Russian propaganda and the spreches of stalin
Terror: Gulag secret Russian service NKVD kill the opposition
Control over the economy:They stablished the state managed economic against agricultural and industrial production 
The cult personality: Stalin strong the radicalism bis cult of personality , he was constantly prassed in propaganda regime .

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