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1) In what ways does Rob benefit personally by collecting rubbish?It is a healthy hobby, it gives him something useful to do and it makes him feel satisfied.2)  Why was Rob able to go to Mt Everest in 2006?Because he had received a lot of publicity.b)  ARE THESE STATEMENTS TRUE OR FALSE? JUSTIFY YOUR ANSWERS WITH WORDS OR PHRASES FROM THE TEXT.  (0.5 points per answer)     3)  Rob climbs mountains because it’s challenging.False (line 2) “climbs mountains to collect the rubbish.”     4)  Rob used to complain about the rubbish in his hometown.False (line 4) “instead of complaining, he started to pick up the rubbish”    5)  Cans and bottles take the same amount of time to degrade.False (line 11) “[bottles] are the worst, because glass takes a million years to degrade.”     6)  Rob wants more people to understand the litter problem.True (lines 17-18) “Rob hopes that he is raising awareness of the litter problem with his work.7) Find in the text a synonym for BIG (adjective).large (line 5)8)   Give one opposite for FILLED (verb, line 5). emptied 9)   Find in the text the word which has the following definition: bring back to an original state” (verb).Restore (line 13)10)   Give a noun with the same root as COLLECT (verb, line 2). collection1 1) Turn the following sentence into the passive voice. Rob finds all kinds of rubbish on mountains in the UK. All kinds of rubbish are found by Rob on mountains in the UK. 12)   Join the following sentences using a relative pronoun. Make changes if necessary:In 2006, Rob climbed Mt Everest. He collected rubbish from the base camp there.  In 2006, Rob climbed Mt Everest, where he collected rubbish from the base camp.13)   Rewrite the sentence without changing its meaning. Begin as indicated.Many mountaineers climb mountains because the mountains present a challenge.The mountains present a challenge, so / therefore many mountaineers climb them. 14)   Give a question for the underlined word.In a two-day visit, Rob filled six bin bags with rubbish.How many bin bags did Rob fill with rubbish in a two-day visit?

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