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Quoting: repeat another source word for word, using quotation marks.

Summarizing: to take ideas from a large passage of another source and condense them, using your own words.
Paraphrasing: use the ideas from another source but change the phrasing into your own words. 
in-text citation: Insert a short reference in brackets at the end of Each piece of borrowed information.
Reference ListPrepare a list describing the complete details of Your sources.
Funnel IntroductionBegins with a broad, general statement about the topic.Follows with narrower, more specific statements about the topic .Final sentence is thesis statement.

As Smith says, “I have always wanted to travel and now My dream has come true” (1998, p.6)  
As Smith (1998) says, “I have always wanted to travel And now my dream has come true” (p.6)
“I have always wanted to travel and now my dream has Come true” (Smith, 1998, p.6)

1. According to Jones (1998), APA style is a difficult Citation format for first-time learners. 
2. APA style is a difficult citation format for first-time Learners (Jones, 1998). 3. Jones (1998) mentions that APA style is a difficult Citation format for first time learners.

When citing a work by more than 2 authors, we need To use ALL their names in the text the first time we Refer to them but, from then on, we only need to use The first author’s name followed by the words et al

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