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Over fishing—the act of fishing in excess

Povgerty—when poeople don’t have recurses wáter, money, food… unqueal distribution of wealth

Femine—state of malnutrition

War—conflict normaly armed between the same, 2 or more gorups

Crime—the act of doing something against the low

Bullying—meastriting someone percived as vulnerable

Global warming—change in the earth normal temperatura

Hamelessnes—being without a home

Starvation—being closet o death because of lock of food

Child labour—explotatopn of children as working hands

Ozone depeletion—lowaring in the total amount of ozones in earth

Deforestation—explotation of earth’s flora

Overpopulation—excess of inhabitants in a region

Ilegal downloading—obtaining an internet service for free




Raising—augmenta, increment


Sea levels—increment of sea

Lack—falta algo



Drow up—redactar




After shocks—replica

After thoughts—idea


Blizzard—tormenta de neu

Down pours—aguacero






Beyond—més enllà

Nowadays many products are depended of plastic. For example Plastic bag, wáter bottle… acording to a recent study, in the mediterranian Sea, there are almost 250000 milions of Little plastic pieces. As well as 500 Adicional tones of plastic waste.

The plastic in the ocean affects the sea life 90% of all Trashing floating on the ocean surface, is plastic.

Not only does plastic affect the enviroment but also has negative affects on human health for example obesity.

To sum up despite plastic is very useful is has many negative Effects in the earth. To avoid this problema, we can refuse the single use Plastic.

Nowadays 1/3 of population use social media. Every day more Adults and teenagers are joinings sites such as Facebook, snapchat, twitter…

However social media gas its positive and negative things.

On the one hand technology have the same impact un humans tan Drugs, that its because it creates dependence. Morover it distracts from Reality and makes the user unware of his/her surarounding.

On theother hand by using social media we can get the know People all arounf the wola. For instance studies have found that couples who Meet throught social media tend to like each other more.

To sum upo social media can be useful in socialising with People of the world but we cannot forget the people who is actally around us.

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