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We will the our best to deal con .. As quickly as possible.
Can you take a seat? And we'll serve you with a welcome drink
Could you just check the registration details are correct on this printout?
Could you give me your passport?
You can collect then from reception in the morning.
Enjoy yours stay with us.
We look forward to welcoming you on 19 July.
I'm afraid your room isn't ready for you yet.
The porter will take care of your luggage.
I'll ask housekeeping to inform me as soon as your room is ready.
I'm really sorry, but we're overbooked tonight.
I've reserved a room for youu at our partner hotel.
We don't seen to have your reservation.
I'm afraid we don't haver a parking space tonight.
What's the best thing to do?
When you insert the card, a little green light shows on the lock.
Take the card out and turn the handle to open the door.
Put your card into the slot there.
Don't remove the card until you leave the room.
Have you got the remote control to switch the air conditioning on?
Use the plus or minus buttons to set the temperature.
Put your valuables into the box.
The turn the little knob and enter the same code again.
You can take the lift to the ..
Go down the stairs, along the corridor then into ..
Continue along the corridor, past the ..
Take the next door on the right.
Follow the sign for the business centre.
As you come out of the .., they're on the left.
When you leave the hotel, turn left ..
Take the second road on your left .
Continue until you come to ..
I'm sorry ..
I do apologize for the inconvenience.
I hear what you're saying and I know you feel.

I'm afraid there's been a misunderstanding
What seens to have happened is that ..
At the moment we're having a ..

I'll lock into it right away
I'll get back to you when it's been sorted out.
I'll do everithing. I possible can ..

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