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BAROTAXIS is the phenomenon whereby an organism under pressure
TIGMOTASIS is the phenomenon by which tactical movement occurs in an organism caused by the more or less strong contact with a hard object and rough
PEOTAXIS or property is possessed by some microbes ability to move in the opposite direction of water currents
GEOTAXIS is the phenomenon provocade by the action of gravity that determines movement of ascent and descent of some microorganisms
Tactical TERMOTAXIS phenomenon caused by heat Influences
PHOTOTAXIS is the phenomenon produced by light radiation Accone.
ELECTROTAXIS are reactions to electrical stimuli
Chemotaxis is the reaction to the chemical elements
OSMOTAXIS is the reaction in organisms caused by the action of the molecular concentration of the solution
QIMICAS involves the formation of certain chemical substances by chemical stimuli

Cytoplasmic streaming is the circulation of a portion of cytoplasm around a vacuole
Ameboid locomotion or amoeboid
protoplasmic currents which are lump-sum change in locomotion and cell shape
is performed by apendece called cilia
Flagellar movement
the flagella filaments longer than the cilia, their motion is undulatory
tipica muscles are organs of higher animals movements

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