Types of epithets

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Casiustica and Vlore expresivs of compl.Del N. NP: .- ons 1) specify: is distinctive in relation to the referent (blue eyes) 2) explains: express an idea or opinion of the issuer (an excellent idea of yours) 3) epithets are explanatory qualifiers poetic function of literary texts and aesthetic (the orange on) .- prop.Sub.Sust of compl. Q cmplmenta a preptivo N. D an NP (the book that you pay) .- Compl.Adj.Del N. In the NP adjtivos words that are not: 1) Sub: (diver, a man wolf) 2): gerunds: adj d value "especifictivo. (the boiling coffee)-explanatory: (Children crying) .- Two adj: sustntvr one can go together to the other (I have the soul of the arab nard Spanish) .- explanatory apposition or epithets, as preceded by, may have a reference value (a student like this).

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