Types of markets

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In any type of business, exists Buyers and sellers who negotiate a product price determined by the demand and Supply of the product. In this essay, there are going to explain the main types Of markets.

The types of markets are Necessaries because of this help to make decisions about their prices and the Production of their business.

Exists 3 main types of markets. First, perfect competition is a marketing system where has a large number of Buyers and sellers. The sellers offer the lowest price of their goods to the Buyers because there are many competitors. An example in Mexico is Dilusa Because it has many meat producers companies so there is a lot of market Competition.

Second, Oligopoly market is Known, by a few suppliers market,  Because exists a limited choice between which firms to buy from. Oligopoly Industries determine the product prices by fixing firms to their own advantages Or disadvantages, which is called colluding. An example is Apple because it is Difficult that other competitors enter to this type of market.

The last Market is Monopoly. Monopoly determines the product prices and is the industry where has the lowest Firms. For example, is Disney because is a company that has control over its Prices.

In conclusion,  the Types of markets are very important because determined the competition levels And the business economy. 

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