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playing court: rectangle measuring 40 meters long and 20 meters wide;it is enclosed by a board (called Rink )50cm high roundedd at the corners .

Goal area :-only the goalkeeper can be inside the goal area .
-if an attacking player goes into the goal area a free hit or foul is called.
-if a defending player goes into the own goal area a penalty is called.players can:hit and dribbling the ball with both sides of the stick . Stop the ball with the stick, foot or chest .Raise the stick as high as the knees .Steal the ball from an opponent when they have it in their possesion.

players can´t pass the ball with the feet.Play the ball while lying on the floor.Push an opponent.Block or hitting the opponent´s stick.
features :there is not opposition, the environment could change , there is a riks. three diferent types of path senderos G.P: su longitud es superior a los 50 km. Se balizan con los c. Balco y rojo .senderosP.R: su longitud está entre 10 y 50km. Se balizan con los cores blanco y amarillo .senderos S.L : inferior a los 10 km , blco y verde .

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