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1. Demonstrative: they imply a relationship of place as the three points of the colloquium: closeness to the sender and receivers and on the spoken word.
2. Indefinite: they involve a more essential nature of existence, then point to the most vague and indefinite referent noun modified by the accompanying.
3. Possessives: imply a relationship of ownership or permanence.
4. Quantitative: they imply a relationship on the quantity of an imperative mood.
5. Paragraphs:the relationship to bring about specific and concrete content. They can be:
A. Cardinal: up the series formed by the natural numbers one, two, ...
B. Ordinals: indicate quantity, with respect to a particular order ...
C. Multiples: the amount is required by a multiplicative relationship: double, triple ...
D. Partita: how much is needed by a split ratio: halves, thirds ....
6. Distributions: they involve a trade-numerical paths, both, each ... ...
CONNOTADOS / not connote.
The connotative providing the statement described which include a new meaning. These adjectives mean the same thing: Serian: adjectives and numerals.
The connotative not simply say, do not express any notes or characteristic feature accompanying noun. They are: demonstrative, indefinite, and possessive.
Switch is a direct or indirect. Live as nucleus and adjacent metal table and metal table) and indirectly as an attribute (when prefixed with linking verbs like be, being, apparently, prove, mimic) or predicative complement the table is metal. Example: this child is higher: attribute.

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