TYPES OF DISCOVERY deductive transductive etc.

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LEARNING BY DISCOVERY: Discovery is when the instructor shows you all the tools necessary for the individual to make this discover for yourself what you want to learn. FORMS OF DISCOVERY: INDUCTION: involves the collection and reorganization of data to reach a new category, concept or generalization. Can identify two types of lessons that use inductive discovery, open the inductive discovery lesson: it is one whose primary purpose is to give children experience in a particular search process: the process of categorization or classification. There is no specific category or generalization that the teacher expects the child to discover. The lesson is aimed at learning how to learn "in the sense of learning to organize data, the structured inductive discovery lesson: it is one whose main aim is that children learn a particular concept. The main objective is to acquire the content of the topic to be studied within the framework of the discovery approach (family groups, workers) DEDUCTIVE DISCOVERY: Discovery deductive involve combining or linking up of general ideas, to reach specific statements, as in the construction of a syllogism The lesson simple deductive discovery: This instructional technique involves asking questions that lead students to form logical syllogisms, which can result in the student correct the inaccurate statements you made, lesson semideductivo discovery would be one in which children were asked to make a list of twenty integers of their choice. They could then seek to divide each number by 2. Finally, say lespodría see how many different residues obtained and grouped according to the number of the rest gained. When comparing class results, find that there are two sets of numbers: those with no remainder, called peers, and those of other a so-called odd numbers, the hypothetico-discovery lesson is one in which children use a deductive way of thinking. In general, this will involve making hypotheses about relationships or wing causes and predict outcomes. Hypothesis testing or prediction would also be an essential part of the transductive DISCOVERY lección___: goes from the specific to the particular. transductive reasoning product would be the phrase "the fog comes on little cat steps ...". Here, the particular characteristics of the fog are related to the particular characteristics of a cat. A giraffe is like an ostrich, because both have long necks, the transductive discovery lesson: it is one in which children are encouraged to use the transductive thinking. The general aim of the lesson would be to develop skills in the art of search methods. The selection and organization of the "data" or specific materials will be largely controlled by the child

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