TYPES OF periphrasis

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4. Defenseless - Coercive Unarmed - repressive harmless - it does not hurt Détente - unlawfully exercise an office Elucidate - clarify Bridging - solving
5. Fraterno / Fratricide - fraternal sibling, fratricidal kills a brother (same root) Maelstrom / voracious- Agglomeration confused whirlpools, voracious eating greedily. Horses / Equestrian - horse related. Paronym / Homonym - paronym hyperonymic and namesake is equal words. Velodrome / Racecourse - where are velodrome racing bike, race track where they are horse racing.

FEATURES periphrasis-All
components are single-core predicate.
- The main verb selects the subjects and complements.
- The auxiliary verbs
agree in number and person with the subject, butnot select it or supplements. Usually lose some or all of their original meaning.
- The auxiliary and main verb can be attached directly or indirectly. (If it is indirect, join
that preposition or conjunction).
TYPES OF periphrasis
Manners: Report
on the speaker's attitude to the action.
"Of obligation: have to + infinitive / duty + infinitive + infinitive to have to guess or doubt-From: duty to + infinitive + infinitive come / to + infinitive
Aspectual:Report on the development of action-income: (Action to begin) ir a + infinitive be about to + infinitive
- Inchoative: (action at the time of start) begin + infinitive / throw a + infinitive + infinitive to break / get a + infinitive + infinitive start
Recurring (repeating action) return a + infinitive
- Durata: (action in progress) to be + gerund / continue + gerund / come + gerund / gerund lead + / go + gerund
--Perfect (completed action) leave + participle / lead + participle / have + past participle / get a + infinitive + infinitive finish

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