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1Complete the Sentences with a suitable word or expression→ 1 The bus was very crowded. There weren’t enough seats for all the passengers 2 My watch is waterproof...so I can go swimming with It3 I am staying...overnight...so I’ve packed my Toothbrush 4 This singer is famous...worldwide...She is an international Celebrity 5 We can’t afford to stay in a hotel, so we will stay at a youth hostel 6Why are you taking so much luggage...? You have four suitcases! 7 I hope our flight hasn’t been delayed...It’s annoying to have to Hang around at the airportWe will get around...the city by using public Transport 2 Add a prefix to each Of the words below. Then complete the sentences with the words you have Created1 Bob is a very independentchild. He does everything For himself 2 Can you help me to unlockthe door? The key seems to Be stuck At first, I didn’t understand The article. I had to reread it a few times before I understood it 4 When I overeat, I get a stomach ache 5 If you misbehave, you will be punished 6 It is illegalto drive without a licence7 That’s irrelevant! What you’re saying has Nothing to do with the problem 3 Complete the Sentences so that they are true for you. Pay attention to the words or Expressions in bold→ 1 I would love to trade...Clothes...with my best friend because...She´s got great outfits  2 It wasn’t a very satisfying...Evening...Because...It rained 3 I helped myself to another...Piece of cake...because I was... Starving 4 No matter what I say to her, she’s always …angry.... I find it so...Annoying 4 Complete the Sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets→ 1 I HAVEN´T SEEN (not see) John for months, But I GOING TO MEET 2 Alice would have come to the party if she HAD BEEN INVITED (invite). Jack MUST HAVE FORGOTTEN (must forget) to invite Her 3 You DON´T HAVE TO (not have to) worry about The mess. By the evening, the kids WILL HAVE CLEANED (clean) it up 4 Mike advised me TO TAKE  (take) some extra maths Lessons, and asked me if I WANTED(want) him to teach me 5 Yesterday, my purse WAS STOLEN (steal) while I WAS SHOPPING I’m sorry, but I don’t have any money to lend you. If I HAD (have) some money, I WOULD LEND (lend) it to you 5Complete the passage With the correct form of the verbs in brackets **For years, travellers 1 have understood(understand) that a country’s food is a wonderful way to get to know Its culture. Yet it is only in recent years that tour operators 2 have begun(begin) to offer culinary package trips **When Kimberley Raymond, a tour operator from Denmark, 3 …WAS ASKED…(ask)
To plan a group trip to India, she 4 
…DECIDED…(decide) that food had to play a central role in the trip. The Participants on her trip 5 …WERE TAKEN…(take) to see cooking demonstrations, and ate traditional Indian meals That 6 had been prepared...(prepare) by top Indian chefs **Raymond 7 believes(believe) that much of the success of the trip was the result of these Culinary experiences. “If the travellers 8 hadn’t gone(not go) into actual Indian kitchens and watched, they 9 ...WOULDnever …HAVE GONE… (go) home with such a full Understanding of Indian culture,” she said6Rewrite the sentences Using a word below. Do not change the original meaning of the sentences“Is Tim coming to the party?” asked MaryMary asked whether Tim was coming to the party 2 I have finished the book. Dave lent me it I have finished the book that Dave lent me 3 It’s possible that he oversleptHe may have overslept4 I hired a painter to paint my houseI had my house painted 5 Mum prepared these delicious sandwichesThese Delicious sandwiches were prepared by Mum

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