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wife-do what some body want to do.Tune-to change your acttitude.Trumpet-talk a lot about your achivments.Note-to sound insensiere to be out of place.Song.Behave as if something was warts or more important that it really as. Years-an extremely long time from now in the past or the future.Wires-be confused or mistaken about something.Cylinders-think in a similar way,so as to understand each other well.Same-going as well as it could.   Shakespeareis england most celebrated and poet.Hia works hace been translated into 80 languages, he help shape the english we use today. He was born during the reign of qeen elizabeth.Shakes parents had been catholics.Was born in england in 1554. 3 quatrains mes 1 couplet.ABAB CDCD EFEF GG make up/inventar-carateker/janitor-enrol-speak up-figure out/trobar-trink/enganyar-iliterate-noticeboard/bulletin board-face/afrontar-daft/pocasolta-manage/espavilarse-hold/celebrar-point out/mostrar-live show-worship/adorar-reliable/fiable-tough/dificil-broadcasr/emetre-take over/apoderar-se de-weird /raro-cheer/animar-screensaver/estalbi de pantalla-no trace of/ni rastre de-attend/assistir-compulsori-fee-fur-my/hisher-now/then-today/that day -here/there-His/that-these/those-can/could-may/mihgt-musthave to/musthad to

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