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An interest – in a company à the shares that an investor has in a company

A holding una empresa tiene la mayoría de acciones de otras

A majority interest - >50% of a company’s shares are owned by one investor (they have control of it)

A minority Interest - <50% of a company’s shares are owned by one investor

Alliance, Joint venture – when two companies work together in a particular area, they remain separate companies or form a new company in which both have a stake

Merge – join

Merger – combination/fusion

Consolidation – reduction in the number of companies

Prey – company that might be bought

Takeover – purchase

Predator – possible buyer

Acquire – buy

Acquisition – taking control by buying most of a company’s shares

Poison pill – something that makes a company less attractive to buy

White knights – companies that can save another from being bought against their will

Fend off – resist

Hostile bid – unwanted attempt to buy a company

Takeover bid – attempt to buy a company

Conglomerate – large group of companies

Parent company – main company

Subsidiaries – smaller companies

Diversified into – become involved in

Restructure – reorganize

Core activities – main activities

Demerged – separated

Divestment – selling unwanted companies

Refocus – change its activities

Divesting – selling

Non-core assets – non-essential property etc.

Disposal – sales 

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