Una historia en ingles simple present,simple past,future,past continuous y present continuous

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Present simple be: am/is/are ´m not/isn´t/aren´t/ am/is/are Past simple be: was/were Present simple: work/s don´t work/doesn´t do/does Present continous; am ing/is ing/are ´m not ing/isn´t ing/aren´t Past simple: ed didn´t ed Past continou: was ing/were wasn´t ing/weren´t  was/were ing Present perfec: have ed/has ed haven´t/hasn´t has/have Past perfec: had ed/hadn´t ed/had i ed Future going to: am is are going to.../ ´m not isn´t aren´t.../ am is are Future will: will.. Won´t.. Will.. Future contino: will ing/wont ing/will i ing 3ªpers sing present simpl: cries , cancels,stops,skis. More intelligent,funnier,better   the most dangerous , the shortest

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