Una historia en ingles simple present,simple past,future,past continuous y present continuous

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Present Simple s-doesn’t-don’t 1.Ko zutabea

Past Simple ed/didn’t + 1ko zutabea

Present Continuous am-is-are aditza-ing

Past Continuous was-wasn’t-were-weren’t aditza-ing

Past Continuous was-were aditza-ing

Past Perfect continuous had-hadn’t been aditza-ing

Past Simple ed / didn’t + 1.Ko zutabea

Past Perfect had-hadn’t + 3.Zutabea

Present Perfect have-has + 3.Zutabea

Past Perfect had-hadn’t + 3. Zutabea

Past Perfect had-hadn’t + 3.Zutabea

Past Perfect had- hadn’t + 3.Zutabea

Present Perfect continuous have-has been aditza-ing

Past Perfect continuous had been/hadn’t been aditza-ing

Will 1.Ko zutabea

Would 1.Ko zutabea

Can 1.Ko zutabea

Could 1. Ko zutabea

May 1.Ko zutabea

Might 1.Ko zutabea

Must / Have to 1.Ko zutabea

Had to 1. Ko zutabea

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