Una historia en ingles simple present,simple past,future,past continuous y present continuous

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UPresent Simple: Past simple: 

 I live                   I lived

Present Continuous:   Past Continuous:

I am + verbo en ing     was/were + ing

Present Perfect Simple:  

 I have written

Past Simple:                 Past Perfect:

I wrote                         had + participio

Past Perfect Simple:

I had written

Past Continuous: 

was/were + ing

Present P.Continuous:     Past.P.C

have/has +been + ing   Had been+ing

Past Perfect Continuous:

had+ been+ing

Will--- Would

Can--- Could

May--- Might

Must,have to--- Had to

Would,could,might, should,--- Igual

Reported Questions


Bea asked: Do you live in Ab?

Bea asked me if I lived in Ab

Infinitive ( Wh?)

Bea asked: Where do yo live?

Bea asked me where I lived

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