Unamuno and Baroja

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Evolved from an aesthetic close to realism, to the philosophical and existential. Peace and Guerra97 many characters and description of landscapes, the protagonist gives information on readings and obsessions of the author. Love and subjectivism Pedagogía02 shows disadvantages of rational education, intellectual novel fictional universe-slim annotations-puppet characters from the author. Niebla14, technical change, star cloud emerged from the author's imagination xa and history illustrate that men are God's dream. Unamuno players agonists. Abel Sanchez17-envy. Auntie Tula21-longing for immortality, the protagonist is torn between knowledge and reason. San Manuel Bueno Martir33-dramatic conflict between truth and truth illusory.
Characteristics of the narrative:
structurally organized around the representative character of ideas to debate, protagonists agonists intimate dramas and novels. More attention to dialogues that time frame or setting, characters complex and ambiguous. Reduction descriptions, exact language, primitive value recovery terms, expressions reflects your personality. For density of ideas, emotional intensity or accuracy plastica

Ideology: Pessimism existential, radical political and religious skepticism. The world is meaningless and life is absurd.
Conception of novel dynamic (like by the action) because the goal is to entertain the author, amenity and spontaneous flow of events crucial. Most important are the feelings and thoughts it provokes. representation of a chaotic world where the only solution is suicide. Novels centered on a dominant active or passive character with no will, have vigor and vitality, but are sad because life is cruel to them, are anti-heroes, sometimes an alter ego of the author. Direct and expressive style, preference for short sentence and paragraph brief. features impressionistic descriptions. dominate the narrative and description.
Work: La Tierra Vasca (Aizgorri house, the birthright of Labraz, zacalin adventurer)-action. Life Fantstica (Adventures of wild inventions and mystification paradox, the way of perfection, King Paradox) - existential angst and longing to find a meaning to life. The Struggle for Life (La busca, bad boil, red dawn)-more intense. La Raza (the tree of science, the lady wandering the city of fog)-autobiographical elements. Cities (end or nothing, the world is ansi, perverted sensuality)-energetic man ends up. 1913 adventure-memoirs of a man of action. 00-life stories gloomy. Memoirs from the last turn of the road

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