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T-3: the smallest phonological unit is the phoneme q is concerned with the sound of words. T-4: acute (oxytone) ulti. Lla (paroxytone) penul. Esdru (propanoxitona) before. On (superpropanoxitona). T-9 . periphrasis verb. x a verb formed. plus an infinitive auxiliary instance, go to plus infinity / / perifarsis of gerund; be more gerund. T-10: adverb: invariant, n presented morphemes of gender and number. elements of relation; prepositions and conjunctions. prepositions, a, before under, with, against, from, in, between, to, to, to, for, according, no, over, behind, (it should be and so)
Coordinating conjunctions: "copulative: And, and, ni.-choice, or, u.-adversative, but, but, but. T-12 - Oraci, impersonal verbs Husan have or do, tb in snow weather phenomenon, rain , hail, thunder, etc. .. some Oraci was constructed with. Oracio optative: tb optional calls, prayers q express a desire through a switch: what, who, hopefully, well, etc. .. followed by a verb in compound sentences subjuntivo.T-13. copulative: y, e, ni. disjunctive, o, u, and now .... well ..... well .... it is. adversative : but, but, but (that) in a row, so then, so. Oraci. juxtaposed, are listed without a link, just with,,.,...:. T-14 CD - replaced by me, te, se, lo, la, nos, os, los, las, (le, les). Predicative complement, subject complement more verbs. CI-substitute le, les, se, attribute, replace it. T-15; Ora subordinate causal links are, because, what, how, and which, therefore, since, since. Ora subordinate end: link-to, that, that, in order (to), with a view (that), with a view (that). concessive subordinate Ora, though, in spite of (that), though, although, even if, though. Ora Subordinated Conditional; link: yes, as, on condition (that), on condition (that), with that, provided (that) in the case of (that) in the event (that), if, when.
T-17-synonyms: words are written the same meaning and different. Antonym: are the opposite long / short. Homonymy: cow / roof rack. Polysemy; same word several meanings. PARONIMOS; significnates different meaning and very similar (hot-color) metaphor : a signifier, replaced its real or original meaning to another meaning. metonymy takes a term as a signifier for another word from the contiguity relationship, proximity or closeness. Antonymy; someone is to apply the proper name of a character prototype . T-18-Greek Hellenism. Germanism, Germany. Arabism Gallicism-French-Arabic.Anglican ingles.T-20 text, alignment, cohesion and coherence. REFERENCE: reference exofonica - (out of text) refe.endofonica (to within the text). T-21vericidad of the events described are divided into; story true or Fatica, Fictional character or literary narrative.
topography; describes a place, line: describes a time.
posopografia: describes the physical aspect. etopeya and describes the character. portrait caricature.
literary genres: lyric, epic, dramatic. Texts: poetry, narrative and dramatic.phonic level: alliteration (repetition of sound) Onomatopoeia (q phonemes evoke actions) rhythm (periodic repetition) rhyme (matching sounds to the bottom of the last syllable.) syntactic level
Anaphora (repetition of words same syntactic structure) parallelism (repetition of the order of the same elements in a verb.) Correlation () hyperbaton: (alters the normal order of words) asyndeton (or omission of the conjunctive links) semantic. Epitel;(is an explanatory adj) comparable or similar (contrasts two things through or link as) metaphor. pomposity (kind of metaphor x the q are given human qualities) metonymy (change of meaning) hyperbole (exaggerated exaggeration) litotes (attenuation of thought), antithesis (juxtaposition of two ideas) paradox (it is the union of two seemingly irreconcilable ideas) own the scientific language. are; signs monosemic, formally set forth, verbatim quotes, rigorous and simple syntax, abundances essential type definitions, causal or descriptive, denotative character references, use of the plural 3pers, slings and subordinate property and correlation constants.
Technicalities: q word is part of the scientific and technical terminology and appropriate English. Hybrid: the sum of more Latino Greek elements
Legal style features (nouns, nouns (abstract) preposed adjectives, verbs in 3 pers.singular, future imperfect indicative, subjunctive future, use of gerund periphrasis mandatory and permissive value, misuse of the preposition A.) periodictico text features. (nouns without the article, present and past perfect, conditional, direct style. syntax short and simple) linguistic features of advertising. (repetition of a word in the adjacent identification through copula, noun phrases, adjectives and adverbs, the presence of 2 person, delete prepositions, imperative sentences, exclamatory, interrogative.)

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