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7 HI 

If you take a few days off, where will you go? When I can travel with my family And my boyfriend, we go to the North of Chile, I guess you know that pace. As Yu know the North of Chie isvery hot but wind so you have to prepare everything Very carefully. I recommend you go sightseeing to stay overnight by the beach And the center of Arica.

You Should make a to do list, for example:  You should your carry sunscreen And bathing suit, because the beaches of North are more pleasant. Don't Forget to packk hat, sunglasses whit UV filter, a pair of sandals to walk on The beach, and your toiletries in that suitcase. Yo don't need passport, but if You need to take a cheap flight to save money. That is great idea, I hope you Enjoy the trip and that you do not forget the important thing.

You can't miss it!

8 Hello
Well i am going to tell you about the rutine i generally realize on sunday's.

Normally i get up early, so i Can play with my little brother, because he wakes up very early, near 7:30 am. Barely i get up, i shawer and take breakfast with all my family, after i order My room and as soon i finish i help my dad with lunch i really like cooking, so I generaliy help with that, or do it alone.
We have lunch all together and then we pick up the dishes from table and then We wash them. As my brother sleeps in the afternoon, after lunch we all take a Nap or wateh a movie. Many times after sleeping i study for the week and order My stuff, also i leave my lunch ready for the next day.

When we take tea, we talk About the things we will do, during the week, before sleeping we leave Everything ready and one goes to their room, to start with a new day.

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