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affirmative: i have eaten a pizza, you have gone to the soccer practice, he, she has seen the tv, we have swum in the pool, they have been to spain

negative: i havent eaten pizza, you havent gone to the soccer practice, he, she hasnt seen the tv, we havent swum in the pool, they havent been to spain.

preguntas: have i ever eaten pizza?, have you ever gone to the soccer practice?, has (he, she) ever seen the t?V, have we swun in the pool? Have they ever been to spain?

respuestas: +

yes, i have, yes you have, yes he has, yes she has, yes we have, yes they have


no i havent, no you havent, no she hasnt, no he hasnt,no we havent, no they havent


base form:                 simple past:                        past participle

be                                was, were                          been

buy                               bought                               bought

do                                 did                                     done

drink                             drank                                  drunk

go                                 went                                   gone

eat                                 ate                                      eaten

meet                              met                                    met

see                                saw                                      seen

take                                took                                    taken

ride                               rode                                     ridden

swim                              swam                                   swum 

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