Unitat 7 - crime and punisment

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Unit 7

Pickpocket (Carterista): Steal something from someone's pocket

Mug (Atraco): Attack someone violently in order to steal their money

Speed (Exceder la velocidad): Drive faster than the legal speed limit

Steal (Robar): take something From a person or a shop

Shoplift (Robar en una tienda): Steal something from a shop

Pirate copy (Copia pirata): (a film, CD etc.) Without permission

Vandalism (Vandalismo): Damage something, especially private property

Pintada (Graffiti): Unauthorized drawings or writing in a public place

Litter (Tirar basura): rubbish (in a public place)

Smuggle (Contrabando): Bring goods into a country illegally

Pushing (Traficante): the crime of selling illegal drugs.

Burgle (Robar en una casa): Go into someone’s house and steal things.

Rob (Robo): Steal money or property from a person or a place.

Fare-Dodge (Evadir tarifas): Travel on public transport without permission / without paying the fare

Tout (Reventa): Sello tickets you have bought at a higher price, especially outside a theatre por stadium

Plug in: to connect something to an electrical power source

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