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China: Ruled by Xiaoping hay economic reforms( mix Comunism y Capitalism). Reparte Tierra entre campesinos y deja vender,export cheap products to foreign, pened China to foreign trade and investments. Otros asian countrises ( S Korea, Singapure,Taiwan) electronic competitv. India( Industry,It,Car,Farmaceutic)

internal y external onflicts due to ethnic and religious tensions in Kashmir: Leaders Hindu majority population Muslim After WW2 liberation British join Pakistan or India.Laders chose India conflicts began.  Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam modernizated economic profits of their exports.

Muslim World: countries where Islam is the main faith. It  special strategic importance due to the oil reserves around the Persian Gulf Saudi Arabia Iraq Iran Kuwait United Emirates. Most of them have authoritarian governments.Dctatorships have been overthrown in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya after a traumatic Civil War The Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. An international coalition led by the USA under UN mandate liberated Kuwait It imposed an embargo on Iraqi oil. Consequence of the attack on New York and Washington on 11 September 2001 organized by Al-Qaeda It was based in Afghanistan and supported by the Taliban government. A coalition of troops from the US and allied countries overthrew the Taliban regime A provisional government was established in its place. The Invasion of Iraq (2003) There was a fear that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction (threat to world peace) The USA, the UK and other allied countries, including Spain, overthrew Saddam Hussein A new government was established in Iraq Radical Islam or Islamic fundamentalism, advocates a strict and radical application of Islamic principles. Observance of Sharia or Islamic law which imposes strict moral and religious ideas. The grouping of the Muslim countries in a political union. To achieve its objectives the Muslim should: Confront Western culture, especially the USA Depose the governments in Arab countries that are allies of the West and replace them with Islamic governments.These governments should then eliminate Western influence in their countriesSome use terrorism Sub-Saharan Africa is the most underdeveloped area in the world Political instability Economic underinvestment Rapidly growing demography Social inequality Malnutrition Analphabetism Epidemics such as AIDS.

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