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INTERSECTION:            Speed limit in school zone         Pavement Markings:

INTERSECTION IS         is 25mph.                                  What does a white

controlled if there                                                         diamonds shape

are traffic signal            speed limit in business                symbol in a lane

or signs in any              area is 25mph.                           Indicate:lane reverse

direction or                                                                   for high occupany

controlled by                speed limit on highway              vehcile (hov)only.

what?A police                50mph.

officer.                                                                          Headlights:

                           Traffic signs:                              when are you required

INTERSECTION:              which of the following               to use your headlights

what does a single          are example regulatory              when driving?One half

solid white line               signs?Dont enter                         hour after sunset to one    

across a road                 yield,stop.                                  Half hour to sunrise.

at an intersection        

mean?Stop behind         What is a good pratice                            

line for a traffic                when driving in the city?             

signal or sign.                  Check intersections ahead

                             ahead for signals.


IN which of the                If the front of your car

following situation            vibrates the problem may

are you allowed                be with your:steering.

to pass another

vehcile on the                   One method of useing the

right?Only on                    2 second rule is by useing

roads with more                a:fived object on the side

than one lane                  of the road.

going in same

direction.                         Breakdown:what should

                             you do if your vehicle

Following distance:           breaks down?Turn on your

What is the minimum       emergency flashers.

safe following distance

for a vehcile traveling      

40mph on wet pavement?   

8 car lengths.

Pavement marking:

what does solid lines

indcate?On a motorist

side of the center line

means dont pass.

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