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What does a                                     What does a red 

yellow diamond                                 and white

shape sign mean?                              Triangular sign

1)warning or                                      mean?

caution                                             1)yield

When should

you use your                                     If you drive through

parking lights?                                   A deep puddle,what

1)only when parking                          should you do?

                                                        1)test your brakes

Which way should

you turn if you are                             When is the road

going into a skid?                              Surface most slippery?

1)in the direction                               1)durning the first few

the back of your                                 minutes of rain

car is skidding

                                                         When should you

How far should                                   use your highbeams?

you stay behind                                  1)open country

the car that you are                             driving situations


1)at least two seconds                          If the lights of oncoming                        

                                                          cars are in your eyes,

What direction should                          what should you do?

you check first when                            1)look to the lower right

appoarching an                                     side of your traffic lane


1)the left                                               Adriver left hand

                                                            extened upward

If two cars reach a four                          means?

way stop at the same                             1)hes makeing a

what is proper procedure?                        Right turn

1)the driver on the left

yields to the driver on the                       Adrivers left hand

right                                                      extened downward


What should you do if                          1)he makeing a stop

you go into a skid?                                 Or slowing down

1)take your foot off the gas

                                                           The safest way to

What is the best way                             exit an expressway

to talk to the other                                is to?

drivers?                                               1)slow your car to the

1)through the use of your                      posted speed limit

horn and lights

                                                        What should you do

What does a eight                              if your brakes fail?

sided sign mean?                                1)shift to a lower

1)stop                                                 gear and pump your brakes

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